Visions of Morgan


We walked the same aisles

where we’d never been before.

duffel stuffed under the rack

back left corner of the store.

Visualize my happy place,

walk calmly out the door,

like high dives and roller-coasters

terrified you yearn for more.

Hit I-80 on-ramp east

Another successful score.


Pop tags off brand new clothing,

taking showers in the sink

Black-eyed waitress tells a lie

‘cause she knows what people think.

The men all sip their coffee

and politely nod their heads.

Next time might not be as lucky,

She’ll pro’lly end up dead.


We leave and head towards Reno,

as quickly as we came.

To see his boy from ‘Quentin,

who’s shacked up with a dame.


Nightmares on the sofa,

The demons on my chest.

Keeping me from moving,

and spoiling all my rest.


Oxygen tanks at Circus Circus

They smoke and feed the slots.

Remove the mask and puff their cigarettes,

the geriatric sloths.


I lose twenty on the “penny” slots

I’ll never play again.

Morgan at the sports book,

Seahawks for the win.




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